AAO-MQ is committed to creating a working environment and culture that is inclusive and provides equal opportunities, irrespective of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture and origin.

AAO Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee


The AAO Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) advises the AAO in all matters of diversity, equity and fair representation, and inclusion. We want our organisation’s staff to reflect the communities from which we hire, and we support a flexible, welcoming, and inclusive workplace. The committee leads by example in advocating for the encouragement and support of less-represented groups within the broader community to participate in our organisation as staff, students, and guests. We aim to exist in a workplace that is mindful and considerate of other people’s nationality, gender, ethnicity or origin, culture, language, relationship status, pregnancy, sexuality, medical conditions or disability, age, and political or religious belief.

Since 2011 the AAO has had ongoing processes, improving with time, for assessing our equity and diversity performance. The AAO formalised a Diversity Committee in 2014, and AAO has since seen continued improvement in gender representation throughout the organisation. The broader representation of diversity (not only gender) across the organisation has also continued to improve, with each division currently having representation across multiple gender, cultural, linguistic, and other diverse groups. This improvement has been achieved and maintained through our longstanding strongly supportive, welcoming, and flexible workplace environment.

The DEIC’s remit is to evaluate, manage and improve conduct in relation to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It has run regular staff culture and inclusion surveys since 2014 in order to identify initiatives and improve areas identified as lacking or weak within the organisation, and to critically evaluate solutions. It uses these to develop action plans, which, through their implementation, ensures our continued organisational improvement.


Awards & Achievements

AAO’s initiatives and successes in supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace culture have been recognised through multiple awards: