AAO-Macquarie is actively involved in instrument design and building, software design and development, and data management and service development, with over 45 years of experience.

Image Credit: ESO

Optomechanical Technologies

Pushing the boundaries of technology.

AAO-Macquarie has a long history of building astronomical optic instruments and software both in Australia and around the world. We engage with major observatories (including ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) and GMTO's Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT)) to deliver innovative new instruments based on the new technologies that we are developing.

With the next generation of large telescopes on the horizon, we are engaging with new partners to bring our expertise to new challenges.
Research data & software

Efficient, Scalable, Discoverable.

The RDS group specialise in creating feature-rich applications to access a diverse set of research data across multiple disciplines. We support research teams by providing a full life cycle data management service in order to develop a sustainable research team environment from start to finish.
Space Systems

Explore beyond limits.

With expertise in telescope design, optomechanical engineering, optical design and engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, AAO-Macquarie is ideally positioned to contribute to the design and fabrication of instruments for satellite telescopes, cubesats, and earth-observation satellites.

Cutting-edge discoveries.

We undertake research across a broad range of areas. In addition to astrophysics research utilising our world-leading instrumentation suite, we are leaders in research areas spanning: photonics robotics optical fibres optical devices data analytics, and more. We collaborate widely, with academic and industry partners worldwide, and are always looking to expand our research partner network.