AAO RDS Hosts Successful IVOA Interoperability Meeting 2024 at Macquarie University

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The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) Interoperability meeting 2024 was successfully held at Macquarie University’s Wallumattagal Campus from 19 May to 24 May 2024.

Hosted by the Research Data and Software (RDS) section of the Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO) department in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, this event brought together over 80 international leaders and experts to discuss standards and develop tools for integrating global astronomical data, archives, and software.

The IVOA, established in 2002, is dedicated to creating standards underpinning global astronomical research to ensure that datasets and resources work seamlessly together. With 22 member programs around the globe, the IVOA plays a crucial role in the development of key interoperability standards.

The primary goal of the IVOA meetings is to facilitate face-to-face discussions, address complex technical issues, and collaborate on the development of standards. These standards are essential for integrating and ensuring the interoperability of global data facilities, enabling researchers worldwide to utilize data more effectively.

Hosting this prestigious event highlights Macquarie University and AAO’s leadership in the field of astronomical data management and interoperability.

“This meeting has been instrumental in advancing our efforts to integrate global astronomical archives,” said Dr. Simon O’Toole, Chair of the IVOA, and Co-head of AAO RDS.

“The discussions and collaborations here have set the stage for significant advancements in our field. It’s inspiring to see the commitment of AAO RDS and Macquarie University to fostering international cooperation,” said Séverin Gaudet, Lead of SKA Regional Centre Canada at National Research Council Canada, a keynote speaker.

AAO Research Data and Software (AAO RDS) deliver specialised software and data services to researchers worldwide, along with project management and research systems administration expertise. By developing robust and intuitive solutions that seamlessly integrate with scientific processes, AAO RDS enables researchers to focus on their work without technological limitations.

Photo: The IVOA Interoperability Meeting 2024. (Credit: Macquarie University)