AAO technology is going to the Moon

Australian Astronomical Optics – Macquarie (AAO) at Macquarie University will build a new optical multi-beam laser collimator that will land on the moon as a part of an Advanced Navigation project that has been awarded a $5.2M Moon to Mars Initiative: Demonstrator Mission Grant by the Australian Space Agency.

“We will be creating a series of four telescopes that will send out laser signals and detect the reflected laser light that bounces off the lunar surface,” explains AAO Associate Professor Lee Spitler, “We are thrilled to be drawing on our expertise in the area of astronomical instrumentation and developing this essential component for future explorations of space”.

The AAO team will create a critical component for landers from 2025-26, enabling exploration of unreached regions of the Moon and beyond to Mars.

For more information, please visit: https://www.advancednavigation.com/news/advanced-navigation-awarded-5-2m-in-funding-from-australian-space-agency-for-future-lunar-exploration/

Photo: Associate Professor Lee Spitler. Credit: Macquarie University.